Bulk Image Compressor – JPEG Image Compressor

Bulk Image Compressor lets you compress multiple images at once with negligible loss in quality. Compress multiple JPG and PNG images in a very short time using Bulk Image Compressor.

It helps you reduce over 80-90% of your image size. It allows you to compress large photos into smaller sized photos with a negligible loss in quality of the image.

To demonstrate just how efficient the compression is, we took a set of around 1700 images that was 16.88 GB in size. After compressing the images using Bulk Image Compressor, the total size decreased to just 317.3 MB. Amazing, isn’t it? 😀

Images compressed via Bulk Image Compressor can easily be shared with your friends and family over social networks or via email without worrying about the size limits.

Key Features:

Compress Multiple Images

Using Bulk Image Compressor, you can select and compress multiple images at the same time.

Compression History

You can view all the images compressed using the app on the home screen. The images are sorted by the date they were compressed on.

Full-screen Image Viewer

View your compressed images in full-screen directly inside the app. This allows you to easily check image quality after compression.

Size Comparison

Easily compare the before and after sizes of your compressed images. This gives you a quick look at the amount of storage you’ve saved.

Share Images

Share the compressed images individually or all at once directly from the app.

You can try the web version here:

Download the Android app: